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DVD Player Reviews

Updated: Jul 2, 2015 10:34
alaAverage 2.5

Coby DVD-207

The Coby DVD-207 performed poorly from the start. For the low price, all I expected was a portable player that would perform the basic functions of playing back a DVD. However, the video skipped constantly, and the remote had to be aimed perfectly at...

221 user reviews

alaAverage 2.5

Norcent DP 315

not much to say about this little unit. as the amazon review mentions, this player is apt to freeze during playback for no apparent reason. very annoying. sometimes the freeze lasts 5 seconds, sometimes 50 seconds. also, i frequently get disc read...

68 user reviews

alaAverage 2.5


Stay away from Thompson RCA products. They a junk and the customer service is worse!!

35 user reviews

alaAverage 2.5


one touch dubbing

44 user reviews

alaAverage 2.5

Sanyo DWM-400

Not a good product at all

27 user reviews

alaAverage 2.5

RCA DRC220N DVD Player

This player has some good features like disc memory, but that falls short of it's downside: it won't play very many discs all the way through. Many discs will pause for a few seconds or stop playing. You have to rewind the player prior to the point of...

25 user reviews

alaAverage 2.5


Bought this player at the local Wally World. It was cheap and flimsy feeling from the beginning. Slow physical loading and initial reading of the disk, regardless of type (DVD, CD). It finally stopped being able to read any disk of any type after...

21 user reviews

alaAverage 2.5


It's tough to find a dvd/vhs recorder combo with a hard disc drive/dvr. That's why, in December 2006, I bought this unit online, new, although the model was over a year old. In July 2007, the machine died on me while recording a movie to the hard ...

2 expert reviews | 13 user reviews

alaAverage 2.5

IVIEW-1800HDII High-Definition Up-Convert Media Player with USB and Card...

This DVD player skips all the time and cannot read burned DVDs or CDs. It died completely after a week of daily use. The company will not honor warranty (you read right, there is NO warranty!) on their products so I am stuck with a very big and ugly...

9 user reviews

alaAverage 2.5

LG RH1888H

This machine was always breaking down. It had to be fixed by LG 4 times in two years and each time I had to send it to Sydney, so I was without a digital tuner, ie no tv channels. The ease of use while it worked was quite good. Just its quality was...

9 user reviews

alaAverage 2.5

Philips DVDR3455/37 (160 GB) DVD Recorder / HDD Recorder

I bought this product to record classes from a satellite for educational purposes. I needed to record to the hard drive because of the times the classes came on and so they could later be burned to dvd. I have found the machine freezes. I split a title...

9 user reviews

alaAverage 2.5

Sylvania SRDD495 Progressive Scan DVD Player and VCR

i liked the item since i new about it the first time and that is why i came to buy it and because you don't find it everywhere

7 user reviews

alaAverage 2.5

Daewoo DVG 5000N

Avoid this DVD player. Picture quality on this machine was substandard, I would not recommend this machine to anyone unless you enjoy getting angry and frustrated. In other words skip this one.

7 user reviews

alaAverage 2.4

Jamo DVR 50

Product looks great

3 expert reviews | 2 user reviews

alaAverage 2.4

Oritron DVD600

This is by far one of the worst DVD players I've had the misfortune to own. Although it is a 5-disc player, it does not have continuous play - therefore one must press play to move on to the next CD. The player responds very slowly to each command -...

1 expert reviews | 160 user reviews

alaAverage 2.4

Toshiba SD 4100

I've watched a few movies so far, and the player seems to work well. No real complaints. The different view settings (i.e. letterbox, cropped, etc.) are nice for our 4:3 TV; the letterbox option prevents the vertical stretching of widescreen movies...

77 user reviews

alaAverage 2.4

Sylvania DVD6655 Compact HDMI DVD Player and 1080p Up-Convert

Remote worked for about half a movie, then NOTHING. So I programmed two universal remotes and THEY stopped working after a minute. This unit will not respond to ANY remote control now. I have never had this problem with any piece of electronics, ever....

38 user reviews

alaAverage 2.4

Philips DVDR3590H

Cheap but that's because it has no Freeview. Why anyone would want to sell a machine these days without Freeview is beyond me. Luckily I read the reviews first, so I shall not be buying this.

29 user reviews

alaAverage 2.4

Philips DVP3100V

No longer recognises disks having had the product for 18 mths. Looks like the product has been discontinued (due to it's poor DVD player aspect?) Moving back to Sony after this disappointment.

30 user reviews

alaAverage 2.4


I live on the Monterey Peninsula in California USA. I purchased this DVD Player so I can watch Pal region 2 German Movies. I have no problems whatsoever with sound Quality or picture Quality... In fact I think the picture Quality is awesome. Even...

29 user reviews

alaAverage 2.4

Coby DVD-598

There are tons of negative reviews. I have had and used this model for 2 years. The only issues I have had are the audio out with the use of S-video lines. The use of USB and SD card input are very useful. Along with several DVD formats it also plays...

20 user reviews

alaAverage 2.4

Disney D7500PDD

This thing is a piece of junk!!! We bought this at Target 2 years ago. We've used it maybe 10 times on 3-hr car trips and the thing just quit working. Won't read the DVD. DO NOT BUY!!!!

24 user reviews

alaAverage 2.4

Astar DVR-2100

This is a nice recorder for + R format. It works in the US and overseas. It plays and records in PAL and NSTC. You can record 1,2,4 or 6 hours per standard DVD disk. Excellent for converting old family VHS,Beta, DV or Mini DV tapes to DVD. It will also...

23 user reviews



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