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Solid-State Drive Reviews

Updated: Oct 21, 2016 00:33
alaScore 89

Crucial CT256M4SSD2 solid state drive

I thought the SSD were supposed to last. But just like anything else these days, it doesn't. Edit - Replacement still going strong.

58 user reviews

alaScore 89

Sandisk 480GB Extreme 500

I am extremely happy with this drive. Since it is solid state based, there are no moving parts and it is incredibly fast. It is very reliable and does not require a separate power cord to function. An ideal travel drive. Highly recommended.

1 expert reviews | 25 user reviews

alaScore 89

Intel ® SSD 525

I would still like to see Intel use more of its home grown controller technology in drives rather than relying on 3rd party controller vendors. Here's hoping that the technology used in the

7 expert reviews | 18 user reviews

alaScore 89

Seagate Laptop SSHD ST1000LX001

I had to return this item because it did not seat in my macbook pro properly. If you have a mac, open up you laptop prior to ordering and make sure your current hard drive doesn't have "pins" extending from the sides. The clamps lock down on those...

22 user reviews

alaScore 89

Plextor PX-AG128M6E

Bad worked with motherboard MSI Z97 PC Mate (claims to the motherboard). With ASUS Z97-PRO GAMER - six months of fun. OS Windows 7.

22 user reviews

alaScore 89

Samsung T3 1TB 1000GB

I tested the device in the following scenarios: USB 3.0, USB 3.0 non powered hub, and reformatting the drive with NTFS partion vs a Samsung 850 EVO 1 TB internal drive. With the default exFAT partition, and a direct USB 3.0 connection, I was able to...

13 user reviews

alaScore 89

Comay Venus Pro 3

CoreRise is back with its Comay brand and our second look at a Venus Pro 3 and its special power safety features that are rarely seen on consumer drives.

5 expert reviews

alaScore 89

Sandisk SDSSDP-128G-G25

No problems with this yet, have had it for several months.

1815 user reviews

alaScore 89

Silverstone Tek 3.5-Inch to 2 X 2.5-Inch Hard Drive HDD SSD Bay Converter...

Does what it's supposed to. No more $400 SSD hanging by the cables in my server.

947 user reviews

alaScore 89

Transcend TS512GSSD370

I use this with my Blackmagic Cinema Camera and works flawlessly. Great product.

231 user reviews

alaScore 89

Transcend JetDrive 420 240GB

Very good product. Extremely easy to install. It was a great speed boost for my 2009 macbookpro

112 user reviews

alaScore 89

Patriot Torch 120GB SATA 3 2.5 (7mm height) Solid State Drive - With Transfer...

Just got it and installed in into the laptop. Works great so far. the 7mm is weird compared to the 9.5 stock on the Lenovo Z580 but it works just fine. It is screwed in from the side so it wont move. Loads windows super fast now, cant tell a difference...

47 user reviews

alaScore 89

Toshiba HDTS312EZSTA Q Series

really good ssd and downloadable software to transfer operating system, dead easy.

26 user reviews

alaScore 89

MiniPro 1TB External eSATA, USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive

I bought this in Sept 2014. All I can say is that I will only purchase an OYEN drive from now on. I have been a mac person since the early Mac SE days back in the 1980's. I have owned external firewire hard drives from LaCie, Seagate, amongst others...

33 user reviews

alaScore 89

Mushkin Enhanced MKNSSDE3240GB

Nice drive System: GIGABYTE GA-B85M-DS3H-A Motherboard Pentium G3258 Crucial 16GB 1600 Mushkin ECO3 240GB (boot) & ECO2 120GB (page, cache, and temp) TOSHIBA 500GB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache HDD (data) Windows 7 Very low cost. Runs like a striped ape. I can't...

23 user reviews

alaScore 89

Toshiba HDTS225XZSTA

I only use it to store my System Image so I can only say that the Write speeds are very good cutting down the time to backup my entire OS from 1+ hours to under 10 minutes

10 user reviews

alaScore 89

The Techguys 250GB 2.5 Laptop SATA Internal HARD Drive

Used this HD to replaced failed drive in my 2007 Mac Book. Price was great, delivery was quick, packaging was minimal but sufficient. Installation was reasonably easy. You swap the mounting bracket from old to new and it slips in place nicely. This...

576 user reviews

alaScore 89

Transcend SATA III 6Gb/s mSATA SSD

Excellent - Works perfect on my Lenovo Y510P. Had no issues setting it up and cloning my OS image to this. I did mess up the bootsector when I format the old HDD, but it was my fault and I found a very easy and quick fix for that.

343 user reviews

alaScore 89

PNY Optima SSD

I have a Kinsington SSD that is about four years old, I guess it's the one I'm going to have to go back to

1 expert reviews | 298 user reviews

alaScore 89

MyDigitalSSD 256GB Super Boot Drive 42mm SATA III (6G) M.2 2242 NGFF SSD...

I've had very good luck with MyDigital SSD (SATA and mSATA) drives and even enclosures in the past aside from one wrong order fulfillment that was remedied eventually. This drive however seems too flaky to run an OS reliably. On a cloned system and a...

59 user reviews

alaScore 89

Transcend MTS600

I was able to upgrade my Dell Venue 11 Pro 7140 from 64GB to 256GB (Transcend TS256GMTS600). Here is the procedure I used, as best I remember them from my notes: 1. Make a system image. Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Backup and Restore (Windows...

41 user reviews

alaScore 89

Team Group T253L5120GMC101

The perfect setup seems to be a 240Gb or bigger SSD primary drive and a 1Tb or larger reagular HDD for data like music, pictures and photos. Programs that dont need the speed of an SSD can be stored on this HDD secondary. I have Windows 10 and a few...

15 user reviews

alaScore 89


Came in an anonymous brown OEM-like cardboard sleeve, which is unlike the Intel SSD purchases I've made in the past. The case feels like its made of plastic and feels very fragile to the touch, again unlike other Intel SSD's I own. So far, confidence...

17 user reviews


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