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What we do

alaTest helps take guess work out of shopping. Our goal is to make it easy for anyone to be a well informed shopper.
There are a lot of products out there, and we understand how overwhelming it can be to figure out what brand, what model, what version, and what price would be right for you. We want to help answer these questions, and our quality comparison engine does just that.


We're free!

Using the alaTest website won't cost you a penny.


alaTest doesn't have any stake in the products reviewed on our site, so you can count on us to be independent and unbiased.


We handle all of the hard work for you, collecting reviews, picking out the key points, and making it easy to compare products.

What is alaScore

Learn more about alaScore Collecting reviews is only one half of the puzzle. We wouldn't be very helpful if all we had to offer was a clump of product reviews that you had to sort through yourself. That's exactly why we came up with alaScoreTM.

We collect thousands of reviews from all over the world - both online and offline. Because our reviews come from so many different sources, test criteria and rating scales can vary greatly, so we carefully combine all of the reviews into a simple, objective, quality rating called alaScoreTM.

alaScoreTM is a complex algorithm that measures product reviews for their relevance, accuracy, and reliability and then weights them accordingly before combining them into a single result. If you'd like to dive deeper into the inner workings of alaScoreTM, head over to our Help section for more info.
Learn more about alaScore

Who we are

alaTest is a web service developed by International Consumer Services Sweden AB, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. ICSS AB is an independent company, owned by the two founders Arie Struik and Peter Björk, and private investors. Our team spans the globe with employees in Europe, the US, and China, and we're growing steadily, we are continuously improving our sites, and we do it all for you, the consumer. We have only one mission:"Inform consumers worldwide about product quality".

Arie Struik
Arie Struik
Founder & CEO

Arie “discovered” the need for a review aggregator in 1998, when looking for the best value (he is Dutch…) camcorder for the birth of his first son. Having built international organizations for Nike, Spray ISP Carambole and Lidl, the project of alaTest finally started – of course in his basement – in 2004. Arie has a BA graduate from Nyenrode University in the Netherlands followed with a Masters from ESCP Europe Paris, Oxford, Berlin. You can speak to him in 5 languages about alaTest. Or even better, about his 5 kids.

Business Solutions

Clients worldwide enjoy the increased sales conversion and customer engagement delivered by alaTest's flexible, scalable and easy to implement review solutions. alaTest review solutions provide retailers, brand manufacturers and consumers alike with product quality insights derived from the true global voice of users and experts. Click here to know more about alaTest B2B solutions.