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In one of the earlier posts, we took you through the very basics of the technical world of television. Now that we have provided adequate information about the types of TVs and the difference between them, it’s time to delve into deeper details. The choice between an LCD and an LED is fairly easy- the latter has an obvious edge over the former, it is technically more advanced and has superior picture quality. All said done, if you are out to buy a new TV, it makes sense to invest in an LED.


While buying an LED, you must consider a few important factors. Make sure to check the kind of technology employed in the LED. As was mentioned in the last post, there are different kinds of backlighting techniques- edge lighting, direct lighting and local dimming. Amongst the three, the latter is the most effective as the color contrast can be managed and thus the picture quality is considerably better than the other two. Besides this, also consider the thickness of the LED and quite obviously, the cost.


Combining all these factors, we have put together a list of the best LED TVs in the market.

1. The Sony Bravia XBR-HX929- This Sony Bravia LED TV is an impeccable blend of technology and design. It employs the local dimming LED backlighting and produces deeper black levels than most other LED’s in the market. The detailing is excessively sharp and the color contrast is excellent. The 3D viewing is not as impressive because the image is not constant at different angles. The price is also a little steep, but if you are willing to spend money, this Sony Bravia won’t disappoint you.

2. Samsung UND8000 Series- Every good LED has to excel in both of these departments- performance and appearance. An LED is not just about amazing picture quality, it is also about flawless design. The Samsung UND8000 series has made to this list primarily because of its state-of-art looks and features. Having said that, there is no denying the fact that it delivers on the quality front as well, but the design sets it apart from all others. The frame around the screen is kept to a basic minimum giving the LED a clean and classy look. Add to this the excellent black levels and great picture quality and you have an LED to die for.

3. LG Infinia LW5600 Series- The LG LW5600 Series has excellent picture quality and color contrast for an LED which relies on edge lighting technique. This LED is relatively cheaper than the others which feature on this list. While it might not be as impressive as the other two in terms of performance, it offers complete value for money and that is its USP.

4. Sharp LC-LE640U series- This LED series also features in the more affordable range of LEDs. It offers many options for picture control and the picture quality is decently impressive. The simplicity of the design becomes its USP and the matte screen is ideal for bright rooms. This has all the makings of a great LED, one that will never disappoint the common man out there.

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