Best Gadget Gifts for Him

Looking for gifts has never been easy. People seem to have different ideas about how a gift should be- is it just about the functional value of the gift or is it about its emotional value? These are just some of the primary considerations. The others are usually related to the personal choice of the person receiving the gift- his areas of interest, the kind of things that would please him and what not.


Today, we are going to offer you a magic solution to all your gift problems- gadgets. Yes, that’s right. Get your loved ones some cool and useful gadgets. One can’t say enough about the wide variety of gadgets that are available in the market. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that there is something for everybody out there. And when it comes to men, they seem to have a long affair with gadgets. But, we are not talking about the routine, mundane gadgets. We are going to give you a list of some really suave gadgets which come with a high functional value as well.


Here is a list of the best gadget gifts for him:

1. Amazon Kindle- Amazon stormed the gadget market with their range of e-book readers a few years back, and there has been no looking back ever since. As of now, there are many version of the original e-book reader, the Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon Kindle Touch, Amazon Kindle DX etc. The Kindle tops our list of amazing gadget gifts because it is a wonderful combination of functionality and looks. The best part about this e-book reader is that it doesn’t feel like a gadget at all. It’s manafacturers have made all possible efforts to ensure that the experience of using a Kindle is just like reading a book. The Kindle is portable, it is useful and it comes with stunning looks- all the ingredients of a perfect gift.

2. X Mini II Capsule Speaker- So, what is it that distinguishes this speaker from the many others out there. True to its name, the X Mini II Capsule is almost the size of a capsule, it is so tiny that it can fit into the palm of your hand. But don’t judge it’s performance based on its size. It comes with a long battery life, the sound quality is great and it is very affordable.

3. Logitech Harmony – All of us have experienced the frustration of those five minutes when we can’t find the remote anywhere. The Logitech Harmony universal remote is the best solution for that. The remote comes with some very exciting features- it has a colored LCD screen with an excellent layout for the buttons, and it is compatible with just about any gadget. To top it all off, you can also program it via Windows or Mac PC.

4. iPod Shuffle- This is the best contingency plan that you can get. So, when you run out of all other gift ideas, it’s time to go to an Apple store and buy an iPod shuffle. There is no way a man wouldn’t want an iPod Shuffle, it is tiny yet it delivers and, it goes without saying that it is a looker. Need we say more?

Editor in Chief alaTest.com : Arie Struik

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