Gearing Up for the Super Bowl – New HDTVs

Super Bowl XLVI is only two weeks away, which means you’ve only got two weeks to prep your man cave with the latest in HDTV technology. Keep in mind that some TVs are better suited for sports than others, so we’ve put together a list of a few of the best choices on the market.


Sony Bravia XBR HX929

If price is no object and you want the best, look no further than the Bravia XBR series. The XBR-HX929 features a 240Hz refresh rate (though comparable to 960Hz thanks to Sony’s Motionflow XR 960), which is crucial for high-action footage, such as when watching sports. It also includes Sony’s latest in X-Reality PRO Engine as well as Motionflow, both allowing for much smoother motion on screen. When you top that off with advanced LED backlight control, 3D-compatibility, and of course WiFi and Web Apps, the XBR-HX929 not only gives you a killer sports viewing experience, but also makes for a great TV once the game is over.


Samsung UN LED 6000 Series

Currently among the top rated HDTVs on alaTest, Samsung’s LED UN 6000 series TVs make an excellent choice (and are considerably more affordable than the XBR line Sony offers). The 6000 series includes Samsung’s very own Clear Motion Engine, similar to Motionflow, which gives you a viewing experience similar to that of a 480Hz screen. It also includes just about every feature the HX929 has, minus the advanced LED backlight and a small handful of others.


Vizio XVT-3SV Series

When it comes to getting the most for your money, Vizio is almost always the brand of choice. The XVT-3SV offers many of the same features as Sony’s XBR line, such as localized LED backlight control, built-in WiFi, and Web Apps, yet with all of these advanced features, it’s actually even more affordable than Samsung’s UN 6000 series. Unlike the other two, though, the XVT-3SV does not feature any sort of active motion engine; however, its 240Hz refresh still does a good job keeping up with the action.


Samsung UN LED 8000 Series

Much like the 6000 series, the LED UN 8000 series is very highly rated. In fact, it currently holds the top spot on our HDTV charts. The 8000 series is on par with Sony’s XBR offerings in terms of price and features. It features a more advanced version of the Clear Motion Engine, resulting in a refresh rate comparable to 960Hz, just like the XBR series. It also has localized LED backlight control, though due to its Edge-lit design, it is not quite as effective as Sony’s approach. Where the 8000 series lacks in picture quality, it makes up in unique features, such as wireless syncing with many Samsung devices (ie: smartphones, cameras, and camcorders).

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