Holiday Helper: Wii games of 2010

There’s no question, Wii titles are among the most popular holiday purchases. Everyone loves Nintendo and think of it as the last of the classic gaming platforms. Xbox is fairly new to the console scene, and PlayStation has since lost the majority of its legacy games. The Wii is the last place for nostalgic gamers to be reminded of the games they grew up with; games that are fun for newcomers as well.

Taking a look at some of the top Wii games on alaTest, don’t be surprised that many of them are legacy titles.

Top Games for Nintendo Wii

Super Mario Galaxy 2

The age old Mario series lives on! The Princess has been kidnapped (again) and it’s up to Mario to save the day. Much like the first Super Mario Galaxy, you find yourself floating from planet to planet, collecting stars and solving puzzles, yet the game still feels fresh and exciting. No wonder it currently holds a perfect alaScore.

Metroid: The Other M

Yet another legacy title, but this Metroid takes on a bit of a different direction from the earlier titles. Rather than the lonely exploration of a desolate and hostile planet, Metroid: The Other M takes on a more action-oriented demeanor. It doesn’t quite feel like the Metroid titles we’ve grown to love, but it has been done extremely well and lives up to the expectations one would have for the best of the Metroid games.

Monster Hunter Tri

The Monster Hunter franchise is immensely popular in Japan, and with Monster Hunter Tri, it has certainly caught the eye of the rest of the world. It is an action RPG, and as the name suggests, you focus is the capturing and hunting of monsters, from small cute ones to enormous dragons. The game play is quite addicting, and with very impressive online multiplayer and co-op modes, it is especially hard to put down.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Kirby makes a return as a new 2D side-scroller with a bit of a twist. It’s the same Kirby game play we’ve always loved, but this time his world is made entirely from yarn! It’s a style somewhat reminiscent of titles like Paper Mario, in which the graphics are a derivative or how the story is being told, in this case, woven into a fabric of yarn. It’s a cute approach to an even cuter game; who can’t love Kirby?

GoldenEye 007

Though it’s not exactly a legacy, GoldenEye 007 is a remake of the vastly popular title for the N64. Apart from the storyline, the game is really nothing like the original, with redesigned levels, and significantly changed game dynamic. Those expecting a graphics refresh of the original title will be disappointed; however, as a game on its own, the new GoldenEye has everything you’d want in a fast paced first person shooter.

We of course couldn’t go into detail about all of the great games for the Wii (that would have taken ages). Instead, take a look at our Wii Games section, and let us know in the comments which are your favorites.

Editor in Chief : Arie Struik

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