Best Gadget Gifts for Her

Normally, when it comes to buying gifts for women, people think of jewelry or clothes or decorative pieces. Gadgets usually never come up as possible gift ideas. But, let’s consider them for just a moment. In the present day, there are a number of gadgets which are designed especially for women, keeping their interests and needs in mind.


It is no secret that the gadget industry has undergone some very radical changes in the past few years. In earlier days, a gadget was judged primarily by its functional value while little or no attention was paid to its appearance. But things have come a long way from then. Now, both the functional and aesthetic value of a gadget are equally important. All these factors have led to the production of some suave and exciting gadgets, which can make for perfect gifts for women.


In the last blog post, we gave you a list of the best gadget gifts for men. It’s time to shift attention to women now. Here is our list for the best gadget gifts for women:

1. Jaybird Sportsband 2- This pair of headphones is designed like a headband and it comes in a variety of appealing colors. The inside of the headband is lined with rubber which makes them fit perfectly around the head. The Jaybird Sportsband can also double up as a Bluetooth device, which means that you can also take calls in the middle of listening to music. The controls on the headphone can be used to pause, play or stop music at any time. The best part is that they stick to your head even when you are jogging on the treadmill. And finally the sound is pretty great as well. Put all of this together and we have got ourselves a winner.

2. Polaroid PoGo Instant Mobile Printer- True to its name, this little wonder can print photographs instantly. It is tiny enough to fit into a pocket and it prints photos in a jiffy. While the photo size (it can only print 2 by 3 sized photographers) and quality might not be spectacular, it is still a cute gift to give to your girlfriend or sister.

3. Digital Photo Frame- In the older days, we used to frame photos and make collages and gift them to our mothers. Well, things have gone digital now. The digital photo frame is a wonderful, modern take on the traditional idea of making photo collages. It’s time to go looking for old photographs in the attic or the basement, scan them and use them with a digital photo frame. They have a smooth and minimalistic design and you can customize the photo patterns. The design, along with the photographs will add a different dimension to your mom’s living room.

4. iPod Touch- As a part of this series of posts, we have been suggesting one gadget as a back-up gift plan when nothing else seems to fit. The iPod Touch is our suggestion for such a scenario. If you can’t seem to zero in on any other gadget, you can always get the iPod Touch. Powered by the critically approved iOS, the iPod Touch can do a lot more besides playing music, it can record HD video, check e-mail, rent movies, take pictures and what not. There is absolutely no reason why a woman would not want to own this beautiful gadget.








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3 Responses to “Best Gadget Gifts for Her”

  1. Kay says:

    Great read! I’m a woman and would definitely love getting any of these as a gift! I’m really digging your first two ideas, so I’m going to make sure to hint them to my boyfriend for my birthday in August! One gift idea I thought I’d share is a Sling Adapter. I got one for my mother for Mother’s Day, and she absolutely loved it! At first one of my coworkers at Dish recommended the idea to me after I told her how much business travel my mom still does, so I decided to go that route. It hooks up to her equipment at home, and allows her to use her Dish Remote Access app on her iPad to watch all of her favorite shows, live or recorded, anywhere she is in the world! She told me she really enjoys using it while sitting around in the airport and while she’s relaxing in her hotel! :)

  2. Koby Rennie says:

    Nice gifts for her, I liked it. iPod touch will be preferred according to me ;)

  3. SK says:

    Thanks Kay and Koby and I apologize for the delay in replying.

    I hope you will continue reading the blog. Cheers!

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