Which Are The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Headphones are usually among the first things you keep in your bag or purse when you leave the house especially if you have to commute by the subway or buses. However, regular headphones are hardly ideal for such situations since they do not cancel the external noise. For instance, if you are travelling by the subway, the constant sound of the engine or the air conditioning or even the people can interfere with your music. A pair of noise cancelling headphones is the perfect solution for all such problems.

As the term suggests, noise cancelling headphones work by eliminating all forms of background sounds, making way for a high quality auditory experience. For starters, you won’t be forced to raise the volume repeatedly in order to hear clearly. As the external noise gets blocked, you can hear distinct sound patterns even at low volumes. The next time you are riding the subway, you can just put on your pair of noise cancelling headphones and appreciate the complicated notes of your favorite music, even in the middle of a thousand people.

Today, we have put together a list of some of the best noise cancelling headphones:

1. Bose Quiet Comfort 15 – When it comes to the world of audio devices, Bose needs no introduction. Since decades, the company has produced some of the most high quality audio devices we have ever used. The Bose Quiet Comfort 15 is no exception. These noise cancelling headphones block off the background noise flawlessly. At the same time, they are extremely comfortable on the ears. They might look huge but once you wear them, they don’t feel that heavy at all.  You can also try the Bose Quiet Comfort 3 for a sleeker design.

2. Sony MDR-NC500 – Just like Bose Quiet Comfort series, the Sony MDR-NC500 have been designed to fit over your ears perfectly. In terms of performance, they are quite impressive as the headphones come with three modes of noise cancelling. With the help of the intelligent noise cancelling feature, the adequate mode is switched on according to the kind and intensity of noise in the backdrop.

3. Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio – If you are particular about the appearance and design of your headphones, these ones might be ideal for you. Significantly, the performance is not compromised in the bargain. This pair of noise cancelling headphones offers sharp and distinct sound even among auditory chaos. On the flip side, they run exclusively on batteries which have to be charged regularly.

4. Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9 – While these Audio Technica headphones might not be as comfortable as the others, the sound quality is unmatched. They come with three levels of noise cancelling which means that they work efficiently in the most noisy of places. Once you put them on, you might just get lost in the isolated world of music.



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One Response to “Which Are The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones?”

  1. Headphone Centre says:

    Nice reviews. For noise cancelling headphones I agree with your assessment that the Bose Quiet Comfort 15 are really good ones. They’re comfortable and do the trick of blocking out background noise.

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