3D Televisions – Enter the new dimension

Without a doubt, 3D is the next big innovation in home entertainment.  3D is an old technology, but the recent success of films like Avatar and Clash of the Titans has brought renewed interest… and today’s advances mean that the quality and level of immersion of 3D images is better than ever.  Early reports are very exciting, and note that 3D television tends to draw the viewer into the image landscape, rather than duplicate the “bursting from the screen” effect that is common with theatrical 3D.  Either way sounds pretty good to me!

3D television is in the early stages of roll-out, but the television manufacturers are counting on two content streams: 3D films on DVD and Blu-ray, and original television content meant specifically for 3D televisions.  Having multiple content streams ensures that 3D television is more than just a novelty…
it’s here to stay!

3D Television Models

3D television technology is still in its infancy, and the number of models to choose from is very limited.  Currently, there are two manufacturers to choose from: Samsung with its 7000-9000 series of LCD/LED televisions, and Philips with its 56PFL9954H 56-inch LCD television.  More models are promised by manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic, and Mitsubishi, but right now if you want 3D in your home, Samsung and Philips are where the action is at.

3D Television Features

3D TVs are high-end items, so you can be certain that these models will have all of the bells & whistles.  All three models feature 1080p vertical resolution, 240Hz refresh rate, four HDMI inputs, and direct Internet connectivity.  Additionally, all three save you money on electric bills by being Energy Star-rated.

There are some differences between these models.  The Samsung models feature the usual 16:9 aspect ratio, while the Philips uses the so-called “full cinematic” 21:9 aspect ratio for a true home theater experience.  The Philips model is also the largest at 56-inches, while the Samsung models tip the scales anywhere from 40-55 inches.

3D Television Pricing

Because the technology is new, the prices of 3D televisions are still quite a bit higher than normal TVs.  At one end, the Samsung models cost anywhere from $1900 to $6700.  The Philips model is around $3000.  It’s a lot of money no matter which one you choose, but you have to consider what you are getting for that price: access to a truly unique display technology that promises the ultimate in an immersive viewing experience.  For true home theater aficionados, the cost will be no object.

The future holds additional bargains for consumers excited by the prospect of bringing 3D technology home.  As the number of new models grows and the technology matures, prices will begin to come down.  Some retailers are offering free Blu-ray players as an enticement to purchase a new 3D television, and there seems to be an even better deal around every corner.  Cheaper 3D televisions are on the way… but if you want the acclaim of being the first one on your block to bring 3D home, now is the time to jump in!

Editor in Chief : Arie Struik

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