The Best Surround Sound Speakers Out There

A good surround sound speaker system can add that extra oomph to your home theater. Typically, a surround sound system consists of five satellite speakers and a subwoofer. In the recent past, some systems have come up with two or three speakers, but, the sound quality invariably suffers in such cases. If you have recently bought a home theatersystem, chances are that you are looking for the ideal surround sound speakers which complement the home theatre. Luckily for you, you have arrived at the just the right place.


The choice of the perfect surround sound speakers can depend on a lot of factors- audio quality (quite obviously), speaker placement, wiring options, ease of installation etc. Ideally, the speakers should cover a large hearing frequency range without compromising on the sharpness of sound. Additionally, look for a system where the sound of the speakers and the subwoofer is completely in sync with each other. Nothing kills the pleasure of listening to your favorite music more than a frequency gap between the subwoofer and the speakers. You will have to be very particular about the location of the speakers within the room. Factors like the height of the speakers etc can impact the performance of the speaker system considerably.


After considering all these factors, we have put together a list of the four best surround sound systems. Have a look.


  1. Blackstone TL 1600 5.1

This surround sound speaker system has it all- excellent sound quality, impressive design and it is very convenient to install. It comes with a wide frequency range of 40-22,000 Hz and the sound is well-blended yet sharp. For your convenience, the satellite speakers have five way binding posts which makes them very easy to install. To top it off, the system has a smooth and simple design which can blend into any room.

2. Mirage Nanosat 5.1

The Mirage Nanosat 5.1 boasts of a unique sound dispersion system which means that you can have the perfect theatre experience right in your home. The frequency range is decently wide: 33-22,000 Hz and the sound is top quality. Each speaker has a key hole and can be easy installed. The Nanosat has a very old school feel to it, thanks to its antique triangular design. All said done, this speaker system marries cutting edge technology with a unique, antique design. Quite a combination!

3. Orb Audio Mod1 5.1

Now, this surround sound speaker system has a design with a twist. The speakers are orb shaped giving it a very modern, contemporary feel. At the same time, the sound quality will impress any music enthusiast. This speaker system is known for its performance at lower frequency levels. So, if you are looking to spice things up in your living room, get yourself this surround sound system and enjoy the pleasures of high quality audio output.

4. Energy Take Classic 5.1

The Energy Take Classic 5.1 might not be perfect for larger rooms, but it performs satisfactorily in relatively small rooms. The speakers perform well at the medium frequency even as the sound might waver a little at extremely high or low frequencies. But, a lot depends on what you expect from your surround sound system. As a layman, chances are that you won’t even be able to spot the loopholes. The design, on the other hand, is quite impeccable- simple yet classy and the speakers have earned a name for themselves over the years.

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