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We’ve gone over last month’s data, and once again, the numbers are in! We don’t always do a “Trends” post every month simply because a month generally isn’t enough time for the trends to change, but that’s not the case this time. Digital cameras and smartphones are still popular; however, the top devices in each category have seen some major changes. It also seems that notebooks are starting to overtake HDTVs in popularity.


Compact Cameras and Digital SLRs

With summer holidays still right around the corner, digital cameras remain among the most viewed products on alaTest, but surprisingly, the list isn’t quite the same.

Fujifilm FinePix X10The FinePix X10 is the perfect camera for those who love the retro look and feel of the FinePix X100 but want something a bit less expensive. It lacks quite a few of the features found with its pricier sibling, but it still performs well against similarly priced enthusiast compact camera models, like the PowerShot G12.

Canon EOS Rebel T3iCanon’s EOS Rebel T3i made our top 10 list last month, and it will likely be there next month as well. Overall, it is bested in the SLR category by the Sony Alpha NEX-7, but it still manages to keep a leg up on the NEX-5N, its closest competitor.

Canon PowerShot S100 – It seems that the PowerShot S100 has bumped the Sony DSC-HX9V from the top 10 list this month. It’s very compact, yet still extremely feature packed, making it a great choice for the slightly more advanced photographer; however, it’s not so advanced that a novice wouldn’t be able to handle it.



HDTVs mysteriously vanished from our top 10 list this month and have been replaced by notebooks. We suspect it likely has to do with graduation season, since laptops are a very popular graduation gift.

Asus Zenbook UX31For those who appreciate the style and practicality of Apple’s MacBook Air but doesn’t much care for the “Apple Tax” that comes with it; the Zenbook is an excellent alternative. It has the same style and performance all in a super thin package while costing a fraction of the price.

HP Pavilion DV7The Pavilion DV7 has been a top choice for those looking for a great all-around value in a laptop. It also comes in a variety of configurations, so it is possible to customize it to your needs.

HP Pavilion DV6The Pavilion DV6 is simply the DV7’s smaller brother, sporting the same great value and customizability but featuring a 15.6-inch display as opposed to the DV7’s 17.3-inch.



There were a handful of smartphones on our list last month, and there likely will be for months to come since they compose one of the fastest growing markets in technology for the time being. Interestingly, they’re all Android devices once again.

Samsung Galaxy AceAt slightly more than a year old, the Galaxy Ace is a somewhat aged device, but it’s also one of the best valued off-contract smartphones on the market, often available new for less than $200.

Samsung Galaxy S IIThe Galaxy S II is another slightly older device, but still features top-notch specs (and still a top ranked product on alaTest). Its popularity this month is likely due to the upcoming release of the Galaxy S III and people hoping to score a second hand S2 at a reduced price.

Samsung Galaxy GIOThe GIO is another one of those great value smartphones on the market. Like the Ace, it’s on the older side and certainly isn’t the fastest device out there, but its price might make you willing to overlook all of that.

Editor in Chief : Arie Struik

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